February 4, 2019

San Diego, California

 Deepen your understanding and enrich your personal connection to the soul of self and others. Come on a journey to explore your Divine Soul and Awaken Higher Frequencies within each, and the group. This will be done by raising the collective frequency of group consciousness, help remove blocks to embrace the full manifestation of your life’s purpose. Embracing a deeper understanding of why collective work is paramount.

In this workshop…

Expand your personal capacity as well enhance your capabilities as a healer.

Explore and work with accessing and movement of the Core Star to higher frequencies, which sets the stage for heightened consciousness.

Explore Unconditional Love, and the role of the HEART throughout the workshop to provide you with a truly collaborative and transformative experience of egoless surrender of this work.
You’ll work with the Merkaba and Sacred Geometry and its inter dimensional role in supporting more expansive ongoing development.

All these topics will be explored with three insightful presenters, giving you abundant personal growth and a useful toolkit of deeper understanding of guided work as well as providing techniques for you to practice on self and clients.

Join us to explore your Divine Soul and Awaken Higher Frequencies, to facilitate a more expansive Heart space so that we as individuals and as a collective become clearer channels of Divine Light and facilitate heightened collective consciousness.

Awakening Healing Axis

Illuminating your Divinity: Awakening Higher Frequencies