Awakening Healing Axis

Set in the rich warmth of the Sonoran Desert Inn Resort, Reveling in Your Divine Essence offers an amazing collage of experiences.  Energetically designed with you in mind, the retreat weaves new techniques, intuitive development, and experiential work with the latest research in Energy Medicine. Through supportive individual, and group work, you will embark on accessing your divinity at deeper levels and enhance your abilities to exist and work with the highest possible frequencies.

During the retreat, several underlying themes will be explored and integrated with the work; which culminates in the creation of powerful collaborative healing for self and others.  These themes include:

Healing autoimmune conditions:
Dysregulation of the body’s ability to heal and defend itself is known to cause a wide range of autoimmune disorders including cancer, diabetes, allergies, lupus, arthritis, and thyroiditis. New energy techniques and approaches for supporting these conditions will be presented through the lens of the soul.

Integrating crystals, sacred geometry and Vivaxis healing: The subtle, but vital impact of the earth’s magnetic and electrical fields have been demonstrated to affect you in a profound manner from birth.  During this retreat, you will work with your Vivaxis lines and those of others to bring them into full alignment.  This will be supported through greater understanding and experiential use of crystals and sacred geometry to amplify the work.

 Exploring extra-dimensional and quantum existence: Once you are strongly anchored into the earth plane for this incarnation, quantum exploration of, and connection with, loving energies will be facilitated to bring the collective into the highest possible frequencies.  This work is also fully supported by the geological richness of Ajo’s location—a true arid gem.

Joyful communion with your essence and the divine collective: Love, beauty and joy are braided throughout the activities and wisdom of this retreat to heal, strengthen, and integrate all of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies.  Be prepared for laughter and fun!

Franny, Tim and Jeannette invite you to learn, grow and experience your divine essence through this unique, empowering retreat. 

Come and experience the higher frequencies as you are held in their collaborative triad of unconditional love!

This location features LUXURIOUS accommodations,

cost is reflected in pricing  

This is a multiple day event of 

experiential exploration with 3 Presenters

*Cost includes workshop attendance, accommodations, and all meals.


Reveling in Your Divine Essence:

Existing in Higher Frequencies

Enhanced Healing Workshop and Spiritual Retreat

Ajo, Arizona    April 28-May 2, 2019

This retreat, like the previous ones offers a unique experiential awakening based on indicated theme.

Sunday April 28- Thursday May 2, 2019
Sonoran Desert Inn and Conference Center
ARRIVAL TIME Sunday April 28th between
3 & 4pm to sign in for room and final registration.

Dinner at 5pm. 6pm we begin our retreat.
We will conclude the retreat

Thursday May 2nd at 10:30am after breakfast and Final Closing of Retreat

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Sonoran Desert Inn and Conference Center