The Merkaba


"This afternoon I provided a treatment for my husband.  The treatment was the Chakra Backwash Treatment.  What an amazing experience for both of us!  I loved giving it and he loved receiving it.  When I checked in at the beginning to see where his Hara line was, I found it stopped at mid-calf.  (He has peripheral neuropathy from diabetes and has had no feeling below his mid-calves for many years).  After the treatment, when I was grounding him, he had the amazing experience of being able to feel my hands on his lower legs and feet. I feel sure that this was because of the repairing of his Hara Line by Metatron before the Chakra Treatment commenced.  Wow!  How wonderful!  I will continue with weekly treatments and see what happens."  😊  Monica

Why Higher Frequencies?

* Release drama and heal trauma!
* Develop, Explore, and Exist with an Expanded Hara and Elevated Core Star to support heightened consciousness.
* Experience deep personal healing
* Share guided healing techniques to bring forward to use in your practice to support others

Your Pathway to Higher Frequency

The Merkaba is considered to be a light body vehicle used to connect with and reach higher frequencies. It also is known to be multidimensional, allowing access to the other planes.  It is used as a tool by Archangel Metatron.  Our work focuses on raising the collective frequency of ourselves and those we share with, that we can aid the ascension of the human consciousness.

Awakening Healing Axis