The Merkaba

Why Higher Frequencies?

* Release drama and heal trauma!
* Develop, Explore, and Exist with an Expanded Hara and Elevated Core Star to support heightened consciousness.
* Experience deep personal healing
* Share guided healing techniques to bring forward to use in your practice to support others

Healing Touch Professional Association Interview with Awakening Healing Axis Co-Creators

"I tell everyone about Awakening Healing Axis and how amazing you three are together. I am so grateful for all the channeled work you bring forth. I believe that is what has helped accelerate my awakening on all levels, personally and professionally. There are so many things that I love about AHA, each of you have the biggest heart, and pour all your love into the world, into us, into our experience, into yourselves. 
 I love that everything flows so nicely between you three, I have never witnessed such cohesiveness with three powerful healers getting out their message with such love, grace and compassion as I do with AHA.  I love that you offer us continued support, with the powerful meditations, the quarterly check in calls, or even through the Whatsapp AHA thread. I am so grateful for you, and the work you bring forth as a triad.
My favorite thing that the retreat provides is community. Getting to know the other participants, and really connecting with them on a soul level is the biggest gift. I have found some of my most trusted friends through the retreats. The course of my life has forever been altered, thanks to the Awakening Healing Axis. 
I love you all, I thank you all. I am looking forward to the next retreat." Laura

Your Pathway to Higher Frequency

Awakening Healing Axis

The Merkaba is considered to be a light body vehicle used to connect with and reach higher frequencies. It also is known to be multidimensional, allowing access to the other planes.  It is used as a tool by Archangel Metatron.  Our work focuses on raising the collective frequency of ourselves and those we share with, that we can aid the ascension of the human consciousness.