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All these topics will be explored with three insightful presenters, giving you abundant personal growth and a useful toolkit of techniques for you to practice with self and clients.

“Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #CEP-3285, for the stated number of contact hours.” (28 hours)

This course is accepted for Nursing CE credit in mandatory CE states.
Accepted in most mandatory CE states for continuing education credit. Also accepted for many national certifications.

 Call for details, 1-800-743-4006.

Quantum Alchemy: learn to transmute the burdens of pain and trauma into the higher frequencies of freedom and joy.
PTSD: gain a deeper understanding of the neuroscience and energetic issues underlying PTSD and trauma to facilitate more profound healing. Uncover how Transgenerational Trauma is held in the body and energy fields and how to heal.
Higher Frequencies: experience quantum shifts in your energetic frequency as you are entrained to the highest possible frequencies.
Chakra Fusion: explore your purest potentials as you learn to fuse and harmonize the center point, front and back side of your chakras.
Dynamic Sacred Geometry:use the power of sacred geometric patterns to focus and shift energy whenever it is needed.
The Power of your Heart: learn to augment your heart’s power to heal and gain fuller access to its wisdom.
Nurture your Intuitive Gifts:enhance awareness and trust of your inner guidance. 

Awakening Healing Axis


This retreat workshop is designed to deepen your understanding and enrich your personal connection to the soul of self and others. You are invited to participate in an amazing journey to explore the potentials of your Soul and awaken higher frequencies within you.  This will begin by raising the collective frequency of the group consciousness and lightening the load of emotional and traumatic burdens to embrace a more joyful manifestation of your life’s purpose.

This 3 ½ day intensive is a blend of information and numerous experiential techniques to expand your personal capacity and enhance your capabilities as a healer. This begins by learning to access and move your Core Star to higher frequencies; which sets the stage for heightened consciousness. As our time together progresses, you will:

*explore the quantum nature of your body, chakras and energy systems

*apply the latest research in neuroscience and physiology to the treatment of trauma and PTSD

*learn new, advanced healing techniques involving sacred geometry, unconditional love and intuitive clarity.

Integration of these topics will be facilitated thru demonstrations and opportunities to practice these new techniques. Each day will include multiple experiential opportunities as well as time to give and receive treatment sessions. We will collectively share and build on the learning. Time and space is provided in the beautiful forest setting for contemplation and personal integration.

We invite you to the magic of this retreat as we collectively “Fuse the Higher Frequencies”

This is a multiple day event of 

experiential exploration with

3 Presenters

*Cost includes workshop attendance, accommodations, and all meals.

Retreat Full



Quantum Alchemy:

Fusing Higher Frequencies

Enhanced Healing Workshop and Spiritual Retreat

Colorado Springs, Colorado

October 17-21, 2019

Thursday October 17

3:30 to 4:30pm Registration.

Dinner at 5pm.

6:00pm we begin our retreat.

Monday October 21


We will conclude at 10:30am after breakfast and Final Closing of Retreat

A unique and magical opportunity to explore advanced healing techniques in the tranquil setting of La Foret Retreat Center.  Here in the Black Forest of Colorado, you will vitalize and deepen your gifts through in-depth experiential learning.  The following topics will be braided throughout the workshop: