You are invited to join us on a transformative journey to explore and embrace your gifts as an Illuminated Mystic.  Founded in the Matrix of Unconditional Love and the Divinity of your Heart chakra, this four-day intensive retreat/workshop is designed to enable deeper exploration of the numerous multidimensional aspects of your being. 

Beautifully facilitated by three insightful and intuitive presenters you will have the opportunity to explore and practice many new techniques in advanced energy healing.  The following topics are the focus and will be braided throughout this retreat: Sacred Toning, the Quantum nature of fascia, elevating the Core Star, Bio-photon production, and the Rainbow Light Body.  

We will begin with immersion into Sacred Toning.  This will enable you to come into resonance with the many frequencies of sound within your being. You will tune into the tones beyond tones and gain greater awareness of the Sacred Tones you emanate within the Collective Symphony. Your ability to access, move and expand the multifaceted dimensions of your Core Star will open many doorways for your soul journey.

The inter-dimensional nature of fascia and its role in quantum realities will be explored as you embark on accessing and work energetically with the fascia.  Further exploration of its relationship to both the Incarnation Grid and Primary Cell will be developed along with greater understanding of its intricate role in Human and Soul development.  This will establish the foundation for the final sections of the retreat involving further investigation into the nature of Bio-photons and creation of the Rainbow Light Body.

On the very first evening, you will begin to experience the raising of our collective group frequency that will continue throughout our time together.  Your personal integration of these topics will occur through demonstrations, group practice, discussions, presentations, and guided meditations.  Furthermore, support of your intuitive development, working with guides and maintaining healthy boundaries will be significant aspects woven throughout this collaborative work. Embrace this amazing synergy to grow, expand and resonate with your Gifts as a Healer and Illuminated Mystic!


Set in the rich warmth of the Sonoran Desert Inn Resort, Reveling in Your Divine Essence offers an amazing collage of experiences.  Energetically designed with you in mind, the retreat weaves new techniques, intuitive development, and experiential work with the latest research in Energy Medicine. Through supportive individual, and group work, you will embark on accessing your divinity at deeper levels and enhance your abilities to exist and work with the highest possible frequencies.

During the retreat, several underlying themes will be explored and integrated with the work; which culminates in the creation of powerful collaborative healing for self and others.  These themes include:

Healing autoimmune conditions: Dysregulation of the body’s ability to heal and defend itself is known to cause a wide range of autoimmune disorders including cancer, diabetes, allergies, lupus, arthritis, and thyroiditis. New energy techniques and approaches for supporting these conditions will be presented through the lens of the soul.

Integrating crystals, sacred geometry and Vivaxis healing: The subtle, but vital impact of the earth’s magnetic and electrical fields have been demonstrated to affect you in a profound manner from birth.  During this retreat, you will work with your Vivaxis lines and those of others to bring them into full alignment.  This will be supported through greater understanding and experiential use of crystals and sacred geometry to amplify the work.

 Exploring extra-dimensional and quantum existence: Once you are strongly anchored into the earth plane for this incarnation, quantum exploration of, and connection with, loving energies will be facilitated to bring the collective into the highest possible frequencies.  This work is also fully supported by the geological richness of Ajo’s location—a true arid gem.
Joyful communion with your essence and the divine collective: Love, beauty and joy are braided throughout the activities and wisdom of this retreat to heal, strengthen, and integrate all of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies.  Be prepared for laughter and fun!


    This workshop is designed to deepen your understanding and enrich your personal connection to the soul of self and others.  We will be going on a journey together to explore the Light of your Soul and awaken higher frequencies within each, as well as the group. This will be done by raising the collective frequency of the group consciousness and help remove blocks to embrace the full manifestation of your life’s purpose. 

This will expand your personal capacity as well enhance your capabilities as a healer.  The 3½ -day intensive is a blend of information and numerous experiential techniques.  We will explore and work with accessing and movement of the Core Star to higher frequencies, which sets the stage for heightened consciousness.  As our time together progresses, we will continue to expand into exploring the nature of the Incarnation Grid and Primary Cell. Advanced healing techniques for working with these constructs include enriched practice for working with Scalar Waves, running different frequencies of color and elements, and releasing karmic debris.

Soul Contracts and Evolution will be explored in conjunction with increasing the radiance of our light bodies and their role in the creation of the Rainbow Bridge.  We will work with the Fascia and its inter dimensional role in supporting more expansive ongoing development. Integration of these topics will be facilitated thru demonstrations and opportunities to practice these new techniques.   Supporting our work as healers we will consider how these principles affect the integration of transplants and implants, and also the energetic support of amputees.

The sessions will be rounded out with further work on Boundaries, Intuitive Development, and working with Angels and Spirit Guides. Unconditional love, and the role of the HEART will be braided throughout the workshop to provide you with a truly collaborative and transformative experience.   All these topics will be explored with three insightful presenters, giving you abundant personal growth and a useful toolkit of techniques for you to practice on self and clients.

We invite you to “Live in the Moment of Magic” with us!

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Awakening Healing Axis

Past Workshops/Retreats


     Fusing the Heart with Esoteric Healing, Sacred Geometry and Divine Consciousness: In this experiential workshop, the role of the heart as an essential bridge for deep, transformative work on self and others will be explored. This will be an interwoven theme leading to greater understanding and connection to your heart’s intuition and the wisdom of your soul.

This workshop interweaves and fuses these elements to support and empower each participant to achieve their highest possible frequencies.

Labyrinth – You will experience your inner labyrinth and expanded consciousness through the outer labyrinth.  The labyrinth is used in opening and closing ceremony and available for personal use throughout the weekend. 

Group work – In these lively and interactive presentations, you will explore the nature of bio-fields and their integrated role in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives. The pivotal role of the heart and how to optimize the healing response in self and others.  We will explore intuition, guidance and maintaining your new higher frequency as you walk in your daily life.

Extradimensional Clearing
(Experiential) – Extradimensional is defined as coming from a dimension outside Einsteinian space-time.  This channeled work incorporates sacred geometry, to create shifts in frequency and crystalline structure.  Deep structural clearing releases our blocks and enhances alignment with spiritual purpose.  You will experience giving and receiving this work and leave with profound tools to enhance your practice.   

Advanced Back Chakra Activation (Experiential) - This channeled work incorporates the 3 important aspects of the chakra system, exploring the interweaving of the Front Side : “Working within the laws of this physical universe, this lifetime, and the conscious self.” Back Side:  “Imprints from past and alternative decisions, containing our dreams, premonitions and is the unconscious self.” The Center Point: “A doorway to different dimensions, ‘All That Is’, an interface with the front and back aspects.”  In experiencing giving and receiving this work, a new harmonics and activation process will be presented to clear old patterns and “unseen” aspects of “self”.  We will incorporate sacred geometry for self-care and tools to enhance your healing practice.