Jon Skedsvold

It was during Jon's deployments to Iraq (2003) and Kosovo (2009) that he started becoming keenly aware of the abundance of human suffering. This created in him the yearning to ask the deeper questions in life. “Who am I” and “why am I here” . The curiosity he had as a child came flowing forward as he began to contemplate these questions. As it turns out, asking those questions led him on an inner quest that he could not have imagined. Reading any book and talking to any person that seemed to lead him closer to the answers. Soon realizing that the answers could only come from within! True knowing would come with personal deep healing.  Delving into various healing modalities from others to support his personal healing proved invaluable.  In 2019 JonI began studying Healing Touch, completing the first 3 Levels of Healing Touch Program curriculum. In October of 2020 he attended his first Awakening Healing Axis workshop. AHA created a deeper level of healing through these retreats, and the incredible frequencies being introduced. It is with great excitement that Jon brings the wisdom he is guided to bring forward and to be a part of the AHA team and community. "I am humbled to have an opportunity to support this incredible work in the world."

Co-Creators and Presenters

Sylvie Francoeur

Sylvie is a proud graduate of the Healing Touch (HT) Program and is preparing for the certification exam. She is also an instructor of the HT for Children program. In addition, she has trained in other energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Angel Therapy and Cranial Sacral work. She has deepened her personal spiritual journey since connecting with Awakening Healing Axis in 2018. Sylvie is a certified trainer with the Canadian Mental Health Commission and has over 25 years experience as a facilitator, helping organizations navigate change. She is thrilled of the love and light being brought forward by the AHA team and is humbled to be able to share this work with an ever-growing number of people.

Our current Triad 

Perry Harcey, Tim McConville and Franny Harcey comprise the core triad of Awakening Healing Axis. We continue to bring forward expansive new techniques, opening to and embodying ever higher frequencies for healing of self, clients, and the planet. Using natural retreat settings and web-based training, we seek to create a foundation for higher sharing this work, helping as many as possible heal and achieve spiritual growth. We invite all participants to greater depths of personal exploration. All our learning experiences are designed to deepen personal awareness and embodiment of soul, using the tools of meditations, group work and shared treatments. If you explore with us, you will embrace new healing techniques, and increase your understanding of the science supporting energy medicine. As we explore, you get linked to the development of new insights amongst esoteric healing, human physiology, and energy medicine through the multi-dimensional bio fields. 

Presenter Apprentices and Contributors

Co-Creators – The original Triad 

After working together for several years, Jeannette Nienaber, Tim McConville and Franny Harcey were Divinely Guided to share their collective wisdom with you. Awakening Healing Axis is a culmination of this fusion. When we began, we all said “Yes!” to spirit and the unknown, hearing that we would create six workshops. The first six workshops built on this collaboration and ever-increasing energy. Jeannette was called to do other work, but the Awakening Healing Axis mission continues on within a new configuration.   

Additional Contributors

Awakening Healing Axis is a unique collaboration bringing forward expansive concepts in the field of energy healing.  Inviting all to heighten collective awareness, through exploration and group work, understanding and knowledge of how to work with energy and being receptive to new information. We strive to support the ascension of humanity through advanced healing techniques with spiritual retreats and workshops.

Joanne Kaufman

Joanne has been a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist since 2001, with an Associates in Occupational Studies (AOS) from Boulder College of Massage Therapy. She has studied and received life-changing energy medicine work in various forms including Reiki, cranial sacral, Quantum Touch, and crystal patterning. Joanne is a Healing Touch Practitioner. She integrates HT and AHA’s powerful energetic foundations and techniques into her massage therapy work.
Joanne spent formative years in her 20s doing faith-based nonviolence work in conflict zones with Christian Peacemaker Teams.  In this work, she noticed how simple presence and deep listening allowed local partners to create new possibilities in their personal and communities’ lives.  This foundation underlies her particular passion for empowering each person to own, embrace, and follow their own healing paths and talents in their own timing. This commitment to deep listening to support each Being’s song has surfaced an affinity with crystals, as well as participating in the expansion of deep Earth/Gaia healing.  Joanne is so delighted and honored to be part of the expansion of Awakening Healing Axis.

Franny Harcey,  HTCP, QM
Franny is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, Qualified Mentor, and author. She is co-creator of Awakening Healing Axis, an author of 2 books, co-creating and bringing forward over 35 advanced high frequency healing protocols. Franny works with individuals interested in personal transformation, physical healing, and soul evolution. She has been on a spiritual journey since childhood and embraces the personal gifts and teaching from elders of the healing world. Franny has blended these teachings with her deep intuitive gifts and discoveries to bring this high frequency work into her healing practice, facilitating profound shifts for self, others, and the global collective. 

To learn more about Franny and offering, please visit her website:

Barbara DeMers

Barbara owns and operates a hair salon where she offers integrative energy healing services in addition to her spirit filled presence behind the salon chair. Barbara empowers her clients to realize their Divinity thru aligning the energy system, allowing the innate shift for healing to occur. Her passion is to create an energetic environment for harmony and balance thereupon revealing the Truth of who we are. She has certificates in many areas including: HT Practitioner, IET Master Instructor, Pranic Healing, Craniosacral Therapy, Cosmic Inner Diamond Healing, Reiki Master and Ordained Minister. Barbara has been expanding with Awakening Healing Axis since their first retreat and eagerly has stepped into this role of mentorship.

To learn more about Barbara and her personal offerings, please visit her website: 

Tim McConville, HTCP/I, QM

Trained as an engineer and a healer, Tim bridges the world of science and spirit, bringing to each moment a profound groundedness, strong sense of higher mind, and powerful intuition to facilitate deep healing for self, others, and humanity. Tim is certified as a Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor, and Qualified Mentor and teaching levels 1-5 of Healing Touch Program, where he has served in leadership roles. Tim is co-creator of Awakening Healing Axis, an author of 3 books, co-creating and bringing forward over 35 advanced high frequency healing protocols. He has taught Cleansing Flow and other energy healing modalities as well. Tim teaches regularly in the Minneapolis area and Sweden and has taught in Nepal.  His intuitive healing work serves a wide variety of clients in a private practice. He has also been involved with local hospital Integrative Medicine programs as both a researcher and practitioner.  

To learn more about Tim and other offerings in his geographical area, please visit his website: