Two: 1-hour modules  available as a recorded seminar 

 Day 1- (1 hr.) We will explore as we know it in the moment, the Coronavirus and then embark on the energetic construct of it. You will be given tools and techniques of new higher frequencies for self-care and supportive healing and protection for the coronavirus. 

Included is some time for Q & A

​​Day 2- (1 hr.) We will dive deeper into higher frequencies and techniques for working with the Coronavirus. You will receive more powerful healing tools and protocols to support energetically transmuting and clearing the energetic construct of Coronavirus from all fields (personally and globally). This includes a Remote Energetic Healing Technique
Included is some time for Q & A

While working with people affected by the Coronavirus, Awakening Healing Axis, as a collective has been given some powerful energetic tools and frequencies to help with energetic protection from the virus, and support facilitation of clearing and transmuting the virus on an energetic level.

Please visit our YouTube channel for the current meditations we have available for the public.

These meditations are different than what we bring forward in the seminar.

Awakening Healing
Axis YouTube Channel

*You will receive the video recordings of the seminar and additionally 2 healing protocols in separate audio files.



Quantum Healing in This Time of Covid-19

Multi-dimensional Exploration of the Coronavirus

 Learn New High Frequency Techniques to Support
Multi-dimensional Healing of Covid-19 on a personal and global level.

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