Your Personal Pathway to Freedom:  Explore the body’s ability to thrive. Energetic and practical approaches for supporting deep freedom and sustaining a vibrant sense of self. Embrace your ability to love through the lens of your Soul. 

Self-love: Bringing Self-acceptance Through all Levels of Your Being
Explore and embrace how you can be a more radiant being of light through a deeper understanding and practical application of self-love. Love, beauty, and joy are braided throughout the activities and wisdom of this workshop to support greater self-realization and to heal, strengthen, and integrate all of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy bodies.

Create Safe and Healthy Boundaries: Explore the energetics of personal interactions. Discover what our energy system does when we bump up against others and resistance arises. Why boundaries are so important and what tools will help you regulate how you interact with self and others. Be curious and discover why a mirror reflection is so important?

Exploring Old Patterns Held in the Body and Dissolve What isn’t Needed. 
Discover how to work with self and other sensitive people and the overwhelming energies we experience.  Learn to actively support being an observer and a participant of self. Find the joy in deep grace and gratitude for self.

Embracing Your Intuitive Gifts:
Nurture and develop a sense of trust in your intuitive gifts for personal presence, growth, and exploration.

Embodying Higher Frequencies:
Experience shifts in your energetic frequency as you are entrained to the highest possible frequencies.  Share strategies to maintain high frequency, supporting the continued evolution of your Divine Essence.

Beginning and ending workshop scheduled times:Sunday April 24, 2022

3:30 to 4:30pm Registration.

5:00pm: Dinner

6:00pm: Begin Workshop

Wednesday Apil 27, 2022

11:30am: End Workshop 

Set in the forests of Connecticut, supporting the embodiment and grounding energy of divine self-love, and the role of the heart. Braided throughout the workshop are techniques, intuitive development, expanded boundary exploration and experiential work. Through supportive individual, and group work, you will embark on accessing your divinity at deeper levels and enhance your abilities to exist and work with the highest possible frequencies.

This three-day retreat/workshop is designed to enable deeper exploration of the numerous multidimensional aspects of your being. The above topics will be explored and integrated with the work, which culminates in the creation of powerful collaborative healing for self and others. You will expand your personal capacity as well enhance your abilities to invite others to be empowered.

All these topics will be explored with multiple insightful presenters, giving you abundant personal growth and useful tools.

We invite you to the magic of this retreat as we collectively “Embody Higher Frequencies”

Clearing the Lens of Self-Understanding and Self-Compassion to Facilitate Healthy Relationships and Boundaries


Ivoryton, Connecticut

April 24-27, 2022

​To ensure the safety of everyone at this event, we will follow CDC, state, local, and event facility guidelines during our time together.  Your responsibility to do a Covid self-assessment prior to coming to the retreat is important.  AHA will have the right to determine mask and social distancing requirements and will make determination accordingly as we get closer to the retreat.

We are providing the following link for your access to the ever-changing information.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) | CDC

This is a multiple day event of experiential exploration with multiple Presenters

*Cost includes workshop attendance, accommodations, and all meals.

Registration Ended

"Awakening Healing Axis approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #CEP-3285,             for 28 contact hours."

Awakening Healing Axis

  • Explore your personal pathway to freedom
  • Tools to create healthy energetic boundaries
  • Facilitate deeper self-love and openings to greater self-realization
  • Discover and embrace your intuitive gifts
  • Release traumas that hold you in old patterns, embrace your true nature
  • ​Be invited to embrace the mirror image others present for you