To ensure the safety of everyone at this event, we will follow CDC, state, local, and even facility guidelines during our time together. Your responsibility to do a Covid self-assessment prior to coming to the retreat is important. AHA will have the right to determine mask and social distancing requirements and will make determination accordingly as we get closer to the retreat.

We are providing the following link for your access to the ever-changing information.  Coronavirus Disease 2019 CDC 

We invite you to share in this Divine Delight and profound remembering of your Soul's greatest secrets! 

Beginning and ending workshop scheduled times:Sunday April 16, 2023

4:00pm Registration.

5:00pm: Dinner

6:00pm: Begin Workshop

Thursday April 20, 2023

11:30am: End Workshop 


This is a multiple day event of experiential exploration with multiple Presenters

**Cost includes workshop attendance, accomodations and all meals

Registration closed March 19

"Awakening Healing Axis approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #CEP-3285, for 28 contact hours."

    This workshop is designed to deepen your understanding and enrich your personal connection to the Soul of self and others.  It gives you tools for personal growth and healing as well as healing protocols for use with others.  We will be going on a journey together to explore the delightful Divine aspects of each of us as we awaken to our innate higher frequencies. This will be done by raising the collective frequency of the group consciousness and help remove blocks to embracing and embodying our true selves at Soul level. This exploration continues as we align and resonate with the Pure Timeless Earth frequencies to support human and planetary evolution.

This retreat is deeply rewarding at a personal level whether you are new to the work or have attended previous events.  You will expand your personal capacity as well enhance your capabilities as a healer.  We are always invited to heal ourselves first to be the vessel to support healing in others.  The 4-day intensive is designed with you in mind! This retreat weaves many aspects together, new techniques, intuitive development, and experiential work. Through supportive individual, and group work, you will embark on embodying your Soul and Divinity at deeper levels.  Through this blend of information and numerous experiential techniques, we move to ever higher frequencies, setting the stage for heightened consciousness.

As our time together progresses, we will continue to expand into exploring the nature of our energetic selves.  All these topics will be explored with multiple insightful presenters, giving you abundant personal growth and a useful toolkit of techniques for you to practice on self and clients.

What is YOUR Soul's Longing and Purpose? We all yearn to know our Soul's purpose and longing in this life.  We invite you into deeper resonance and embodiment of your Soul and Core Essence.  Through this deeper contact with our Divine aspects, we can come into closer alignment and knowing of our path.

Multidimensional Fascia Healing: Unwinding, Releasing, Repatterning and Realigning:  Dive deeper into experiencing our amazing multidimensional Fascia.  It is the internet of our Being and connects and shapes us on both physical and energetic levels.  Explore new ways to visualize and experience fascia, opening pathways to release and shift the old patterns and trauma that might be held within. Realign fascia with our higher frequency selves.     

Deeper Understanding and Embodying your Energetic Make-up:  Discover the amazing multileveled and multidimensional energetic self that you are.  Experience these aspects of self to realize the potential to change and recreate more harmonious and satisfying versions of self.

Weaving Awe and Gratitude into the Fabric of Life:  Living in awe of the Divine in all things and nurturing an attitude of immense gratitude has profound effects on our wellbeing. We will explore ways to inspire the habits of deep awe and gratitude, so it becomes part of the fabric of our Being.

Igniting your Curiosity and Dancing with the Fireflies: We are all consciousness explorers on this wonderful journey.  Share your curiosity and joy as we experience the wonders of our incredible multidimensional reality.

Activate and Resonate with the Pure Timeless Divine Earth Template:
Play an active role in personal and planetary accension.  Realign your energetic makeup to ground and align with the purest form of our planet’s divine nature. Activating alignment with this Pure Timeless Earth Template and Source allows us to be part of streaming the ever-increasing levels of consciousness into the collective for our planet and humanity’s elevation.
Becoming Higher Frequencies: BE the highest potential of your Divine Frequency

​Divine Delight:
Embodying Your Soul

In-depth Exploration of Your Multidimensional Fascia, Embracing Self-love, and Quantum Hara Upgrades
Enhanced Healing Workshop and Spiritual Retreat

Marywood Retreat Center St. Johns, Florida

April 16-20, 2023