Awakening Healing Axis

The Merkaba

Awakening Healing Axis is a unique collaboration bringing forward expansive concepts in the field of energy work.  Inviting all to heighten collective awareness, through exploration and group work, understanding and knowledge of how to work with energy and being receptive to new information. We strive to support the ascension of humanity through advanced healing techniques with spiritual retreats and workshops.

Your Pathway to Higher Frequencies

"Birthing a New Paradigm in Energy Therapies"

The Merkaba is considered to be a light body vehicle used to connect with and reach higher frequencies.    It also is known to be multidimensional, allowing access to the other planes.  It is used as a tool by Archangel Metatron. 

Our work focuses on raising the collective frequency of ourselves and those we share with, that we can aid the ascension of the human consciousness aligned with the highest rays of Divine Love