Raising Your Frequency: Autoimmune Disease and Healing

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  • Embody higher frequencies to become a more brilliant beacon of light for self and others.

  • Understand how trauma may result in the dysregulation of the body.

  • Explore transgenerational trauma and how it is held in the physical and energetic body.

  • Experience and practice healing sequences to transmute patterns and trauma held in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies related to family lineage.

  • Align with the highest elements of a pure generational path forward and back.

1-Day Enhanced Healing Workshop

“Raising Your Frequency”
Autoimmune Disease & Healing

 Saturday June 3, 2023  9am-5:30pm
Marina Village Conference Center 1936 Quivira Way 
 San Diego, California

Lead Facilitator: Franny Harcey

“Awakening Healing Axis is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider number CEP-3285,

for 7 contact hours credit for this course.” 

There is an additional nominal fee to receive official CE Contact Hours Credit for this workshop. Instructions will be given for this the day of the workshop.

Join us in raising frequency to support self-transformation, to live more and more from a place of joy, self-compassion, and love for self and others.

This 1-day workshop is a unique and magical opportunity to take care of yourself while you explore your energetic makeup. Participants may be those who have an awareness of the human energy system and a desire to work with energy as well as energy practitioners. Learn to weave the power of sacred geometric patterns to focus and shift energy throughout the workshop. Experience tools to shift your energetic frequency to new higher possibilities and of deeper embodiment.  

Be prepared for laughter and fun!

Local Ambassador: Jeanie Ballard 619-843-6113 Jeanie@jeanieballard.com