Awakening Healing Axis


Amplifying Higher Frequencies:
Greater Alignment with Divine Consciousness

Enhanced Healing Workshop and Spiritual Retreat

Stillwater, Minnesota 

October 18-22, 2020​​

"Awakening Healing Axis approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #CEP-3285, for 28 contact hours."

 The following topics will be braided throughout the workshop:

This advanced four-day intensive retreat/workshop is designed to enable deeper exploration of the numerous multidimensional aspects of your Being. You will have the opportunity to explore and practice many new techniques in advanced energy healing. 

Designed for enhanced personal growth to optimize the potential of your Light Body and for those that wish to bring those advanced frequencies into their client healing practices. The workshop begins with new, powerful ways of grounding and anchoring yourself in preparation for these shifts. 

A portion of the retreat will focus on increasing the frequency of your chakras and integrating them with an Expanded Hara and Elevated Core Essence.  This high frequency experience will give you greater perceptual awareness and provide clearer communication with your Guides and Angels. An expanded look at energetic boundaries will be brought forward to explore as we step into a new way of being individually and collectively.

The opening of these new doorways will be enhanced as you work with the 12 Rays of Light and Wisdom and alongside the principles of Sacred Geometry. These tools will support you as you then explore Neuroplasticity and are given insightful techniques to rewire your brain and activate or transform DNA. 

The format is experiential and interactive to help you integrate these topics and more. The workshop will include demonstrations, group practice, discussions, presentations, and guided meditations in a collaborative, safe and supportive community-like setting.

We believe that true transformation begins with the heart and unconditional love.  We invite you to join us as you embark on this new phase of your Soul’s Journey.

Registration has ended.

We look forward to you joining us in April of 2020 in Ajo, Arizona.

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Neuroplasticity Exploration and DNA Activation: embark on a journey exploring the neuroplasticity of the brain and learn how we facilitate change and heal with multidimensional healing techniques and activating “ghost” DNA strands 
Amplifying Your Light Body: Your Light Body encompasses all aspects of your bio-field and is known as the Chariot of the Soul. Learn advanced techniques for increasing the frequency of your Light Body​
Integrating the 12 Rays of Light and Wisdom: explore the 12 Rays for a deeper understanding of the vast frequencies available to facilitate more profound healing

Embodying Higher Frequencies: experience quantum shifts in your energetic frequency as you are entrained to the highest possible frequencies
Hara/Chakra Unification: magnify your purest potentials as you learn to Unify and Harmonize the Hara and Chakras using new advanced techniques 
Dynamic Sacred Geometry: expanded understanding and use of the power of sacred geometric patterns to focus and shift energy whenever it is needed 
Nurture your Intuitive Gifts: delving deeper into personal awareness and trusting of your inner guidance

Join us on this journey of self-exploration with 3 experienced, engaged facilitators.  Experience the blending of science and esoteric principles while learning advanced healing techniques in the tranquil setting of Dunrovin Retreat Center. 

Here in this tucked away oasis of nature's magic, you will vitalize and deepen your gifts through in-depth learning. 

To continue supporting you in YOUR spiritual growth, AHA provides quarterly support calls and connection. Also, AHA participants have created a group collective to share and support each other in the experience of integrating these teachings and principles into the day-to-day journey and challenges that life experiences bring. 

Sunday October 18

3:30 to 4:30pm Registration.

Dinner at 5pm.

6:00pm we begin our Retreat.

Thursday October 22


We will conclude after breakfast and Final Closing of the Retreat

This is a multiple day event of experiential exploration with
multiple presenters

*Cost includes workshop attendance, accommodations, and all meals.

Dunrovin Retreat Center
Stillwater. Minnesota

To provide a safe retreat setting we are working with our facility provider using CDC and applicable State and Local Health Department guidance information to minimize risk of infectious illness. We are providing the following links for your access to the changing information.