Thursday October 14, 2021

3:30 to 4:30pm Registration.

Dinner at 5pm.

6:00pm we begin our Retreat.

Monday October 18, 2021


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Sacred Sense of Self:

Finding the Joy in Your Journey

"Being a Beacon of Light"

Enhanced Healing Workshop and Spiritual Retreat

Colorado Springs, Colorado

October 14-18, 2021

​​​​ "Awakening Healing Axis is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider number CEP-3285, for 28 contact hours credit.”
​*Accepted in most mandatory CE states for continuing education credit. Also accepted for many national certifications.
Call for details, 1-800-743-4006

Registration Closed

and Retreat is Full. 

Join us in April in Connecticut. 

Details for CT Workshop

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A unique and magical opportunity to explore advanced healing techniques in the tranquil setting of La Foret Retreat Center.  Here in the Black Forest of Colorado, you will vitalize and deepen your gifts through in-depth experiential learning. 

Self-love: Bringing self-acceptance through all levels of your being: Explore and embrace how you can be a more radiant being of light through a deeper understanding and practical application of self-love. Love, beauty, and joy are braided throughout the activities and wisdom of this workshop to heal, strengthen, and integrate all of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy bodies.

Ego Strength: Recognizing, repatterning and finding balance to create a powerful healthy ego. Unearthing your strong sense of internal integrity, self-compassion, and power.

Multidimensional Healing of Autoimmune Conditions: Explore the dysregulation of the body’s ability to heal and defend itself is known to cause a wide range of autoimmune disorders including cancer, diabetes, allergies, lupus, arthritis, and thyroiditis. New energy techniques and approaches for supporting these conditions will be presented through the lens of the soul.

Learning to Guide Parents and Children to create safe and healthy boundaries: Guide parents to support the spiritually gifted child embracing their gift, while helping to facilitate less overwhelm for both parents and children. Discover how to work with overwhelming energies and learn to discern what level of support families may need.

Embracing Your Intuitive Gifts: Nurture your intuitive gifts for personal acceleration and expanded collective consciousness.

Sacred Geometry and Numerology: Increase your understanding of sacred geometry, numerology and Divine Resonance. Integration of all the higher frequency tools opens the doors to greater awareness.

Embodying Higher Frequencies:Experience quantum shifts in your energetic frequency as you are entrained to the highest possible frequencies. Share strategies to maintain high frequency, supporting the continued evolution of your divine essence.


This is a multiple day event of experiential exploration with multiple Presenters

Awakening Healing Axis

To provide a safe retreat setting we are working with our facility provider using CDC and applicable State and Local Health Department guidance information to minimize risk of infectious illness. We are providing the following link for your access to the ever changing information.

La Foret Conference & Retreat Center

Set in the Black Forest of Colorado, supporting the embodiment and grounding energy of divine self-love, and the role of the heart. Braided throughout the workshop are new techniques, intuitive development, expanded boundary exploration and experiential work with the latest research in Energy Medicine. Through supportive individual, and group work, you will embark on accessing your divinity at deeper levels and enhance your abilities to exist and work with the highest possible frequencies.

This four-day intensive retreat/workshop is designed to enable deeper exploration of the numerous multidimensional aspects of your being. Several underlying themes will be explored and integrated with the work, which culminates in the creation of powerful collaborative healing for self and others. You will expand your personal capacity as well enhance your capabilities as a healer.

All these topics will be explored with multiple insightful presenters, giving you abundant personal growth and a useful toolkit of techniques for you to practice on self and others.