Sylvie Francoeur

Sylvie is a proud graduate of the Healing Touch (HT) Program and is preparing for the certification exam. She is also an instructor of the HT for Children program. In addition, she has trained in other energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Angel Therapy and Cranial Sacral work. She has deepened her personal spiritual journey since connecting with Awakening Healing Axis in 2018. Sylvie is a certified trainer with the Canadian Mental Health Commission and has over 25 years experience as a facilitator, helping organizations navigate change. She is thrilled of the love and light being brought forward by the AHA team and is humbled to be able to share this work with an ever-growing number of people.

Ben Jones

Ben had lost all of his ESP abilities in a near-death accident. Since then he has systematically regained the majority of his health and intuitive gifts through independent research in: nutrition, human behavior, biofield energy. (including: complementary medicine disciplines, various healing modalities along with Dowsing which he has developed a powerful passion and great skill of) Ben has mentored others in regaining their health and supporting their energy fields. He credits the Universal Creator along with the Angels and energetic beings who show up when we are ready to facilitate a healing treatment.

Joanne Kaufman

Joanne has been a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist since 2001, with an Associates in Occupational Studies (AOS) from Boulder College of Massage Therapy. She has studied and received life-changing energy medicine work in various forms including Reiki, cranial sacral, Quantum Touch, and crystal patterning. Joanne is a Healing Touch Practitioner, continuing to study with  Awakening Healing Axis. She integrates HT and AHA’s powerful energetic foundations and techniques into her massage therapy work.
Joanne spent formative years in her 20s doing faith based nonviolence work in conflict zones with Christian Peacemaker Teams.  In this work, she noticed how simple presence and deep listening allowed local partners to create new possibilities in their personal and communities’ lives.  This foundation underlies her particular passion for empowering each person to own, embrace, and follow their own healing paths and talents in their own timing.  
This commitment to deep listening to support each Being’s song has surfaced an affinity with crystals, as well as participating in the expansion of deep Earth/Gaia healing.  Joanne is so delighted and honored to be part of the expansion of Awakening Healing Axis.

Barbara DeMers

Barbara owns and operates a hair salon where she offers integrative energy healing services in addition to her spirit filled presence behind the salon chair. Barbara empowers her clients to realize their Divinity thru aligning the energy system, allowing the innate shift for healing to occur. Her passion is to create an energetic environment for harmony and balance thereupon revealing the Truth of who we are. She has certificates in many areas including: HT Practitioner, IET Master Instructor, Pranic Healing, Craniosacral Therapy, Cosmic Inner Diamond Healing, Reiki Master and Ordained Minister. Barbara has been expanding with Awakening Healing Axis since their first retreat and eagerly has stepped into this role of mentorship.

To learn more about Barbara and her personal offerings, please visit her website: 

Michele Jahnke

Michele has a degree in Business and brings her strength of operating a family business for 19 years to AHA. As a HT Practitioner, she is currently preparing for the certification exam. Michele brings her deep passion for Sound Healing forward. “Vibration through sound and how we use words as positive vibration by what we speak impacts every aspect of our Being." Through the cumulation of extended study in Spirituality, Theta healing, HT Animals, crystals, Cyndi Dale’s Apprentice Program and AHA workshops, Michele invites all to experience their own amazing journey of healing as she facilities with deep presence. She embraces this next step of being Divinely guided into Awakening Healing Axis mentorship. 

Presenter Apprentices'

Let us introduce you to the additions of the Awakening Healing Axis team.

This magnificent team have all participated in numerous of the AHA retreats and bring a plethora of wisdom, passion and love to carry us all forward into a brilliant future.

We are overjoyed for you to meet them. 

Awakening Healing Axis