Awakening Healing Axis

Upcoming Enhanced Healing Workshop - Spiritual Retreats

 Reveling in Your Divine Essence: Existing in Higher Frequencies

April 28-May 2, 2019

Ajo, Arizona

The Light of the Soul:  Awakening to Higher Frequencies

August 22-26, 2019
Federal Way, Washington

Quantum Alchemy: Fusing Higher Frequencies

October 17-21, 2019
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Jeannette -Tim - Franny

     After working together for several years, Jeannette Nienaber, Tim McConville and Franny Harcey have been Divinely Guided to share their collective wisdom with you.  Through the synergy of their collaboration they have found it is possible to go much deeper into the work of personal healing and supporting others in their self healing quest.

     Awakening Healing Axis is a culmination of this fusion. Using a natural retreat setting to create a foundation for sharing their work, participants are invited to greater depths of personal exploration. All experiences are designed to deepen your awareness of soul and self through meditations, group work and shared  treatments.  Additionally, you will embrace new healing techniques, and increase your understanding of the science supporting energy medicine through interactive demonstrations and discussion. This will be linked to the development of new insights amongst esoteric healing, human physiology, and energy medicine through the multi-dimensional bio fields.

     The collective nature and size of the group are also intended to increase your frequency and consciously expand the gifts you are here to share with the world.

     Please visit our "Current Retreats", and our "Past & Upcoming Retreats" pages for more detailed information about our shared wisdom and offerings.

     Each of the different retreats being brought forward as a collective work, focuses on different aspects of self healing, self care and gives one the tools/skills to support self and others towards deeper levels of healing.

The Merkaba is considered to be a light body vehicle used to connect with and reach higher frequencies.  It also is known to be multidimensional allowing access to the other planes.  It is used as a tool by Archangel Metatron.  Our work focuses on raising the collective frequency of ourselves and those we share with, that we can aid the ascension of the human consciousness.

Healing Touch Professional Association Interview with             Awakening Healing Axis Co-Creators