Your Pathway to Higher Frequencies

“Birthing a New Paradigm in Energetic Perception”

Our mission is to raise the collective frequency of ourselves and those we support, so that we can aid in the ascension of human consciousness aligned with the highest Rays of Divine Love.

If you are on your journey of exploring and understanding the vast dimensions of the human energy system, you have been guided here for a reason.

We are so excited that you found us! Please explore our site and see if what we are bringing forward resonates with you.

Are you just starting your energetic exploration? Or are you farther along your path of understanding and working with the human energy system?

Awakening Healing Axis believes that opening your mind to infinite possibilities and raising your frequency is key to your journey.

Why raise your frequency?

Raising your frequency supports self-transformation, living more and more from a place of joy, self-compassion, and love for self and our fellow human beings.

Raising one’s frequency is a practice of intentionally connecting with higher and higher aspects of oneself through strengthening the deepest core of our human and spiritual existence. It is achieved by elevating to a higher octave, to be in closer contact with the Divine while being fully present on the earth.

Please join our Learning Center and get the FREE Raising Your Frequency (Basic High Frequency Shift) course. It is a great opportunity to raise your frequency and an invitation to remember and enrich your connection to the Pure Earth and Divine Source. We invite you to incorporate the Basic High Frequency Shift into your life and notice the glorious shifts and changes within your being.

You can experience what we are bringing forward in the following ways:

Retreats and Workshops

If you want a personal experience with others on their journey, look at our retreat and workshop options. The collective nature and size of the group can help to increase your frequency and consciously expand the gifts you are here to share with the world. Each retreat/workshop being brought forward is a collective work focusing on different aspects of self-healing, self-care and gives one the tools/skills to support self and others towards deeper levels of healing.

Online Learning Center

If you prefer self-paced web-based learning, our AHA Learning Center is always available to support you.  Each of the courses focuses on different aspects of self-healing, self-care and provides you with the tools/skills to support self and others towards deeper levels of healing. We offer comprehensive courses that are based on content and protocols presented in our retreats. These bring the frequencies and magic of the retreats to your screen and support a deeper experience of our books.

If You Prefer to Read

We have published guidebooks detailing our view of the energetic human nature and step by step guides to increasing your frequency, supporting personal healing and protocols to work with others as an energy practitioner.

We have published children’s books to help explain energy to the young ones that will be our future leaders.

Ready to learn more?

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