About our Retreat/Workshops

Our Retreat/Workshops are a unique and magical opportunity to take care of yourself while you explore your energetic makeup. Participants may be those who have an awareness of the human energy system and a desire to work with energy as well as energy practitioners.

Each retreat/workshop being brought forward is a collective work focusing on different aspects of self-healing, self-care and gives one the tools/skills to support self and others towards deeper levels of healing.

The retreat/workshop collective nature and size of the group can help to increase your frequency and consciously expand the gifts you are here to share with the world.

We invite you to come with an open heart and mind willing to experience high frequency collective learning and to shift your energetic frequency to new higher possibilities and deeper embodiment.

Do you strive to:

  • Expand your spiritual journey with information, experientials, and practices to raise your frequency and deepen the understanding of your soul’s purpose?
  • Explore how personal healing can support your ability to hold the higher frequencies of love, beauty, joy, and compassion?
  • Be the greatest aspect of yourself by expanding and elevating your Core Essence and deepen self-love?
  • Explore expansive concepts in the field of energy work, to heighten collective awareness, through exploration and group work?
  • Expand your confidence and trust in the inner communication of your heart and soul?
  • Explore new and advanced views of our ever-expanding energetic framework, elevating your consciousness to enhance your awareness of our vast connection to the Divine oneness?
  • Expand and explore how to fully embody all aspects of self and soul, and to BE the light that you are meant to be by bringing enlightenment to self and our beautiful planet?
  • Raise your frequency and amplify your clients healing experience?
  • Experience and practice hands-on high frequency healing protocols to support and expand in-depth healing for client and self?
  • Learn how the Incarnation Grid, Soul Field Grid, Fascia Grid, and DNA Grids influence the depth of healing that can occur physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually?

Upcoming Retreat

To be determined

We are currently developing additional means of supporting you and communities.

Workshops Available to Support Communities

  • Exploring and Understanding Your Energetic Make-up to More Deeply Embody your Divine Self
  • Clearing the Lens of Self-Understanding and
    Self-Compassion to Facilitate
    Healthy Relationships and Boundaries
  • Raising your Frequency:
    Healing Transgenerational Trauma
  • Raising your Frequency:
    Autoimmune Disease & Healing
  • Holographic Healing:
    Adapting Your Energy to
    This Ever-Changing World
  • Integrative Energetic Surgical Support for Tissue Healing, Organ Removal, Replacement of Joints, Donor Organs and Amputation and Implants

Upcoming Workshops

We are in process of creating our workshop schedule, please check back for updates.

If you interested in Awakening Healing Axis supporting your community with a workshop, please email us at info@awakeninghealingaxis.com we would love to discuss opportunities.

Potential locations for 1-day and 2-day Workshops in 2024.

  • San Francisco, CA Bay Area
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Ashland, OR
  • Roswell, GA

If you are interested in Awakening Healing Axis supporting your community with a workshop, please email us at info@awakeninghealingaxis.com we would love to discuss opportunities.

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